One of the hardest decisions you have to make when you have six children is to find the best big family car that is for everyone, drive in and also decent petrol mileage. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring vehicles that work for us, and the truth is told – there are not many outside opportunities – if you’re for more than eight people! We bought our Mercedes Sprinter 9 years ago – and it was a perfect choice for our big family!

This “mommy bus” is suitable for 12 passengers – also for my children and four footballers! Even super SUVs do not offer me a ride – that’s a big plus for us!

And it was cool – it’s that it’s very big. You can get up completely – even if you’re on a 12-hour car ride to Grandma’s down the highway and the DVD players in the back row stop working – you can simply go from that passenger seat to loss and head straight down the aisle to the back Part of the bus and the technical assistance – without all-encompassing stooping and climbing over seats!

And look at the seat … is that luxury or was it? 18-Wheelers jumpsuits will be jealous of your faux leather trim and your own seats!

And you can just decorate this fellowship in the gym – your biceps are put up and trained by the training that 10,000 pounds a day Invalid Male and you push, train, and nurture. (No wimpy automatic sliding door for you – no sir!)

Ahh …. look – is this a jetliner? No, that’s the place you should have, but stand out from luxury seating – awesome, all the way up! Each of the rows has the same amount of legroom – compared to many eight-passenger SUVs, where the width is tight and tight. This is so important that your kids will grow – you can not accommodate lanky teens in the third row of these cars!

And would you look at the cargo space? Seriously – we could live in this car fast!